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luxury travel Mex was founded in 2005 with the objective of establishing vacation packages at an excellent price, with a network of hotels with the highest standards of service and without the need to have a vacation membership or credit cards, we have a payment option tailored to the needs of each client

to achieve this Currently we have the only vacation package on the market  with the option of purchasing 5 days in any of our 6 destinations in Mexico for the same price and without having decided on a date for your adventure in Mexico, giving you the option of choose your travel date 35 days before your chosen travel date, where our reservations area will give you the necessary support to purchase tours in the chosen destination, car rental service as well as advice and tips for the chosen destination 

So whatever the destination chosen, you have the option to choose the date of your trip 35 days in advance of your chosen date.


We have

more than 1,500 satisfied customers
 active subscribers

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Travel within everyone's reach

We position ourselves by providing a complete and best quality service to our customers.Customers.


NOM-035 Certificate

Deliverable document that certifies as a company that works to reduce work stress in its staff. Starting in 2019, companies are obliged to address the psychosocial risks that may arise in work spaces.


Digital platform

Vacation packages can be purchased online, by entering our web portal.

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